VisAD threading problems

I'm getting some occasional display update problems, and I'm suspicious that
VisAD is updating Swing components from outside the UI thread.  I'm finding
it hard to replicate the problems, but they seem always to appear when I'm
doing a demo!

Some example situations:

1) Plot in JTabbedPane painting when a different tab is active,
   thereby writing all over current tab panel.
2) I have a dialog box which changes plot data, removing old
   maps and references, adding new ones.  When I click OK,
   sometimes plot display is incomplete.  Clicking the mouse on
   the plot seems to cause it to update ok.

Possibly it makes a difference that I have
DisplayImplJ2D.setAutoAspect(true).  I have noticed that often a plot is
painted initially with the original 1:1 aspect and is immediately repainted
with the new aspect ratio.

Ah, I just did something else that _is_ repeatable.   If I have several
different plots, each in their own separate tab within a JTabbedPane, and
then I resize the window, all of the plots repaint overtop of the active tab
panel.  I'm not sure that this has anything to do with thread issues.  I'll
try to get a small demo app together on Monday and send it out.


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