Re: VisAD threading problems

Hi Ian,

> I'm getting some occasional display update problems, and I'm suspicious that
> VisAD is updating Swing components from outside the UI thread. . . .

Sure is. In a DisplayImplJ2D, which you mention, getGraphics().drawImage()
is invoked for the VisADCanvasJ2D, which extends JPanel, from the
"rendering" Thread constructed by the VisADCanvasJ2D. This Thread is
triggered by:

1. AnimationControlJ2D for animation.
2. Any event triggering re-transform of Data into depictions.
3. User mouse interactions to pan or zoom the display.

Is this improper behavior for a class extending JPanel? I will
be happy to change this, as long as it can accomodate redraws
triggered by the three types of event I listed.


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