Re: VisAD threading problems

Hi Ian,

>1) Plot in JTabbedPane painting when a different tab is active,
>   thereby writing all over current tab panel.

This sounds like a heavyweight/lightweight issue. Sun has a good
overview of the issue at:

However, it was my impression that DisplayImplJ2D is not a
heavyweight component (the heaviness is a Java3D issue, so
DisplayImplJ3Ds are heavy, but VisADCanvasJ2D extends JPanel,
and should thus be lightweight).

>2) I have a dialog box which changes plot data, removing old
>   maps and references, adding new ones.  When I click OK,
>   sometimes plot display is incomplete.  Clicking the mouse on
>   the plot seems to cause it to update ok.

I don't think you are the first person to mention this problem.
However, I've never seen it happen myself.  You could always try
calling validate() and/or repaint() on your GUI manually, to see
if that does the trick.

>Possibly it makes a difference that I have
>DisplayImplJ2D.setAutoAspect(true).  I have noticed that often a plot is
>painted initially with the original 1:1 aspect and is immediately repainted
>with the new aspect ratio.

I'm not positive what's going on here either. Are you calling
setAutoAspect before doing pack() on the window? The auto-aspect
logic only kicks in when setBounds is called on the display's
GUI component. It may also be that VisAD is re-rendering the
data in a separate thread, and thus you're seeing the old
projection for a moment before it completes the new projection
based on the adjusted aspect ratio.

>Ah, I just did something else that _is_ repeatable.   If I have several
>different plots, each in their own separate tab within a JTabbedPane, and
>then I resize the window, all of the plots repaint overtop of the active tab
>panel.  I'm not sure that this has anything to do with thread issues.  I'll
>try to get a small demo app together on Monday and send it out.

Again, this sounds like the heavyweight/lightweight issue,
but that's just a guess.


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