Re: P5_10 problem

>This image is a multi-frame GIF image (also known as an "animated GIF"), which 
>I do not believe can be animated by itself in VisAD -- but perhaps Curtis can 
>comment on that.

Neither the GIF data adapter nor the ImageJ data adapter (a more
general-purpose image adapter that uses ImageJ's functionality)
support animated GIFs.  It is certainly something that I think
VisAD should support eventually, but I don't have time to look
into adding it right now.  It would fit naturally with VisAD's
"FormBlockReader" logic for reading in individual data blocks
(in this case, images) from a file on disk.

However, you should at least be able to import the first frame
of the GIF into VisAD, as Tom says.

>I tested this using PythonVisAD:
>and got (apparently) the first frame in the animated GIF displayed.  The 
>Exception you sent along before appears to indicate that the file is not a GIF 
>image -- perhaps if you moved it to your local computer, it was not downloaded 
>in binary?  I cannot think of other possibilities right now.  Sorry.
>Beyond that, I was able to produce an animation using the P5_10 code you sent, 
>plus the file above, plus one of my own (P5_10 requires at least two files), 
>and it animated just fine.

Tom, I'm curious as to how you got the rest of the GIF data
into the program.  Did you split it into multiple files with
some image software, or did you have code for reading all
frames of an animated GIF?


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