Re: P5_10 problem

Guangdi Li wrote:

> Hi, Mr. Whittaker
> Please try this IP address to download. It is the one I am using.

This image is a multi-frame GIF image (also known as an "animated GIF"), which I do not believe can be animated by itself in VisAD -- but perhaps Curtis can comment on that.

I tested this using PythonVisAD:


and got (apparently) the first frame in the animated GIF displayed. The Exception you sent along before appears to indicate that the file is not a GIF image -- perhaps if you moved it to your local computer, it was not downloaded in binary? I cannot think of other possibilities right now. Sorry.

Beyond that, I was able to produce an animation using the P5_10 code you sent, plus the file above, plus one of my own (P5_10 requires at least two files), and it animated just fine.


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