Re: ddraw.dll problems


Thanks for that. You were right. I had checked my path, and couldn't see "JavaSoft" anywhere in it. However, I did some reorganization on my filesystem before the holidays, so perhaps it was a link, or whatever the Windows equivalent of a UNIX link is called. In any case, the problem was resolved by explicitly specifying the path for java, to use the one supplied with your installer, and it all works now. Now if only I could get it working on Linux as easily... :) That's another day's work.

Thanks again Tom, and happy new year to all you VisADders.

-Frank Gibbons

At 12:37 PM 1/2/2003, Tom Whittaker wrote:
One of the error messages you sent along contains a reference to "C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\...". Unless you actually installed everything in that directory, there should _never_ be a reference to that when running your jython scripts. The start-up batch files (jy.bat, for example) should always (and _only_) point to the 'jre' sub-directory within the install directory.

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