Re: VisAD JavaDoc

Hi Dave,

Thanks for fixing the on-line javaDocs. 

The "broken link" problem is still there. For example
in visad.DisplayRealType page, if I click on visad.ScalarType
I get a ``Not Found <br> The requested
URL /+AH4-dglo/visad/visad/ScalarType.html was not found on this

If I open a link in a new window, I get HTTP 404. Now this is 
the strange part: if I click on the address box in this browser
window and press <return>, effectively type in the address,
the page can be displayed fine! I updated my IE with no
improve. From what I have found out, not all IE's have this
problem. Netscape doesn't have this problem. I believe it has
something to do with M$ IE being finicky.

More about VisAD JavaDoc, I created my own version of JavaDoc
from the source jar file,  and find most packages
have the package.html file missing, at least not in the source
file jar. Only these ones have packages.html:
HTTPClient, visad.browser

I cut-and-paste package name list from on-line javaDoc,
and made this to generate local JavaDoc: (all in one line.
Is there a better way to do this?):

javadoc -J-Xmx256m -d doc-files dods.dap dods.dap.parser
dods.dap.Server dods.util edu.wisc.ssec.mcidas
edu.wisc.ssec.mcidas.adde gnu.regexp HTTPClient ij ij.gui
ij.measure ij.plugin ij.plugin.filter ij.plugin.frame ij.process
ij.text ij.util ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib.exceptions
nom.tam.fits nom.tam.test nom.tam.util ucar.multiarray ucar.netcdf
ucar.tests ucar.util visad visad.aeri visad.aune visad.benjamin visad.browser visad.cluster visad.collab visad.formula visad.georef
visad.install visad.java2d visad.java3d visad.jmet visad.math
visad.matrix visad.meteorology visad.paoloa visad.paoloa.spline
visad.python visad.rabin visad.util 

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