Re: VisAD JavaDoc

m huang wrote:
> In the "Online browse of VisAD javadoc" link in VisAD main page
> All the links to VisAD classes and methods are broken in the
> body of these JavaDoc pages.

You might want to try them again from IE.  A couple of weeks ago,
James Kelly from the Australian BoM told me how to fix the VisAD
javadocs so that references to String, Vector, etc. would link to
Sun's javadoc pages.

I tried to "fix" the script which is run nightly to generate the
online docs, but managed to change the script so that it was using
the JDK 1.4 javadoc executable which, for reasons I have not been
able to determine, appears to work but produces bogus documentation.

I've fixed the online docs for now and should have the script
fixed in the next couple of hours.

Please let me know if you still see serious problems with these
fixed javadocs.

By the way, I'd like to thank James Kelly (who had *nothing* to do
with the VisAD javadoc pages being broken) for the tip on linking
to Sun's javadoc pages.

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