Re: VisAD JavaDoc

Hi M Huang,

You can put all of the package names in a file - one package name per
line - and then call javadoc with that file name as one of the options.
Here's the info from the docs:
Example - Two Arg Files

    You can create two argument files -- one for the Javadoc options and
the other for the package names or source filenames:
    (Notice the following lists have no line-continuation characters.)

    Create a file named "options" containing:

         -d docs-filelist
         -windowtitle 'Java 2 Platform v1.3 API Specification'
         -doctitle 'Java<sup><font size="-2">TM</font></sup> 2 Platform
v1.4 API Specification'
         -header '<b>Java 2 Platform </b><br><font
         -bottom 'Copyright 1993-2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights
         -group "Core Packages" "java.*"
         -sourcepath \java\pubs\ws\1.3\src\share\classes

    Create a file named "packages" containing:


    You would then run javadoc with:

      C:> javadoc @options @packages

Can't help with the other problem. :-(


m huang wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for fixing the on-line javaDocs.
> The "broken link" problem is still there. For example
> in visad.DisplayRealType page, if I click on visad.ScalarType
> I get a ``Not Found <br> The requested
> URL /+AH4-dglo/visad/visad/ScalarType.html was not found on this
> server.''
> If I open a link in a new window, I get HTTP 404. Now this is
> the strange part: if I click on the address box in this browser
> window and press <return>, effectively type in the address,
> the page can be displayed fine! I updated my IE with no
> improve. From what I have found out, not all IE's have this
> problem. Netscape doesn't have this problem. I believe it has
> something to do with M$ IE being finicky.
> More about VisAD JavaDoc, I created my own version of JavaDoc
> from the source jar file,  and find most packages
> have the package.html file missing, at least not in the source
> file jar. Only these ones have packages.html:
> HTTPClient
>, visad.browser
> I cut-and-paste package name list from on-line javaDoc,
> and made this to generate local JavaDoc: (all in one line.
> Is there a better way to do this?):
> javadoc -J-Xmx256m -d doc-files dods.dap dods.dap.parser
> dods.dap.Server dods.util edu.wisc.ssec.mcidas
> edu.wisc.ssec.mcidas.adde gnu.regexp HTTPClient ij ij.gui
> ij.measure ij.plugin ij.plugin.filter ij.plugin.frame ij.process
> ij.text ij.util ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib.exceptions
> nom.tam.fits nom.tam.test nom.tam.util ucar.multiarray ucar.netcdf
> ucar.tests ucar.util visad visad.aeri visad.aune visad.benjamin
> visad.browser visad.cluster visad.collab
> visad.formula visad.georef
> visad.install visad.java2d visad.java3d visad.jmet visad.math
> visad.matrix visad.meteorology visad.paoloa visad.paoloa.spline
> visad.python visad.rabin visad.util
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