mouse movement on 2D plot

--- Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >With 2D plots (e.g. examples/Test44), if I resize the frame
> >and then try to move the plot with the mouse, the movement
> >of the plot is greater/less than the mouse cursor movement
> >depending on how much I have zoomed. I thought the mouse is
> >supposed to "drag" the plot so that the plot always moves
> >the same amount as the cursor does.
> I've observed this behavior on both Windows and Solaris.
> It is VisAD's expected behavior.

hmmm, it is perhaps not expected by the user. Currently  the mouse
drags the box and rendered data precisely if you don't resize
the display. But if you reduce the size of the frame, the box and
data lag behind; and if you increase the size of the frame much
larger than the original size (easy to happen when your initial
frame is small), the box and and data could shoot across the
screen if you just move the mouse a little.

> [problem with 3D plots resizing snipped]
> I have observed this with certain OpenGL configurations.  Are your
> display drivers current?  If your graphics drivers are fully
> functional, you should not see this behavior on either Windows or
> Solaris.

I updated the driver and the result is the same. I have
tracked it down to something related to my graphic card
(Matrox Millennium II + DirectX). I will get back to this when
I find a solution. Thanks for the pointer.

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