Re: more platform-denpendence?

>With 2D plots (e.g. examples/Test44), if I resize the frame
>and then try to move the plot with the mouse, the movement
>of the plot is greater/less than the mouse cursor movement
>depending on how much I have zoomed. I thought the mouse is
>supposed to "drag" the plot so that the plot always moves
>the same amount as the cursor does.

I've observed this behavior on both Windows and Solaris.
It is VisAD's expected behavior.

>With all 3D plots (e.g. Test54), if I resize the display frame,
>the background area remains the same size and occupies the
>upper left corner of the frame. The plot changes scale, but
>only appeat within the unzoomed background, centered somewhere
>neither the center of the pre-zoom window nor the after-zoom one.

I have observed this with certain OpenGL configurations.  Are your
display drivers current?  If your graphics drivers are fully
functional, you should not see this behavior on either Windows or

>In visad/browser/viewer_applet.html I need to change 
>"visad.browser.VisADApplet.class" to "visad.browser.VisADApplet"
>to make it work (works on both IE and netscape)

I've updated viewer_applet.html so that in the next VisAD release,
it will be "visad.browser.VisADApplet" instead.