VisAD JavaDoc

In the "Online browse of VisAD javadoc" link in VisAD main page
All the links to VisAD classes and methods are broken in the
body of these JavaDoc pages. Also why some of these JavaDocs
don't agree with the source code? (e.g. JavaDoc of visad.DisplayImpl 
misses most contents -- methods etc.) Then I look at the
downloaded javaDoc in the doc/ directory, I find these pages appear
not to have the contents missing. But there still seems to be
serious problems, e.g. RealTypes constructors are all
supposed to be deprecated (per javac), but the downloaded JavaDoc
doesn't show this (then the online version does!).

I find generally VisAD JavaDocs miss overal structure description
(design documents) and are insufficiently written for "outsider" 
developers to understand the how exactly to use the API.

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