Re: Scaling of an external TransformGroup

Olav Rybatzki wrote:
> Bill Hibbard wrote:
> >
> >
> > To create your own scene graph depiction, you need to at
> > least apply the scaling of the ScalarMaps. And if any
> > CoordinateSystems are involved, you also need to apply
> > their coordinate transforms.
> >
> > I strongly suggest building your wire frame as a Gridded3DSet
> > with manifold dimension = 1.
> >
> i tryed out your suggestion with the Gridded3DSet. The problem is, that
> what i get is totaly different from what i need. The data have a
> structure (given by the connecting list), that have to be exactly
> displayed on the screen. So the question is how to get the scaling from
> the ScalarMap? I can't find any method to get the scaling. I tryed out
> the getMatrix() method from the ProjectionControl, but the result is
> also wrong. Can you explain me how to get the scaling?

Did you construct Gridded3DSets with manifold dimension = 1,
or just ordinary manifold dimension = 3? You can essentially
draw lines in 3-D as Gridded3DSets with manifold dimension = 1.
See visad/examples/, particularly lines 209 to

Good luck,