Re: Scaling of an external TransformGroup

Bill Hibbard wrote:

To create your own scene graph depiction, you need to at
least apply the scaling of the ScalarMaps. And if any
CoordinateSystems are involved, you also need to apply
their coordinate transforms.

I strongly suggest building your wire frame as a Gridded3DSet
with manifold dimension = 1.


hi Bill,

i tryed out your suggestion with the Gridded3DSet. The problem is, that what i get is totaly different from what i need. The data have a structure (given by the connecting list), that have to be exactly displayed on the screen. So the question is how to get the scaling from the ScalarMap? I can't find any method to get the scaling. I tryed out the getMatrix() method from the ProjectionControl, but the result is also wrong. Can you explain me how to get the scaling?


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