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Nicolas Ocquidant wrote:
One advantage is that C clients could connect to DataObject without the use of

Nothing I guess. Let's say regular mesh (cartesian).

Probably the best place to look to get the feel for this is in Ugo's tutorial, linked off the "Documentation" section of the VisAD homepage. There are examples there, plus a few in the Jython tutorial. Finally, several of the Test programs in visad.examples look at grids. Probably the most complex application available that presents grids is Unidata's Integrated Data Viewer that Don Murray mentioned. (It is, in a word, fantanstic!) Others have done work with GIS-type data as well (on the VisAD homepage are some links). We have encouraged the OpenGIS folks to consider employing a unified model of their data, such as presented by the VisAD Data Model (there is also a short tutorial on that).

 > - what other good products could I use...... I've found VTK which
 > looks very complete.

I don't know of any...

(Thanks, Don...)


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