General questions about visAD


I'm currently looking for a free 2D/3D component library (in java will be
in order to build quickly graphics from scientific programs, for my
Of course, I will contribute to the source.

I have found visAD which looks nice.
I have some general questions to ask you:

  - Do you intend to use RMI/IIOP instead of pure RMI?
  - Lots of code portions are deprecated when I compile them with jdk1.4.
is not a major problem, but I was wondering if the code is still active
the dates from sourceforge site are: october 2000.
  - Do you give up the idea to use JavaBeans for visAD as it was mentioned

in the article: "VisAD: connecting people to computations and people to
This sounds very promising to me...
  - Is there a way to see futur plans for visAD?

  - Where could I find some examples with (complex) gridding?

  optional question:

  - what other good products could I use......
I've found VTK which looks very complete.

Thanks a lot.


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