Re: General questions about visAD


Although Bill Hibbard (the primary architect of VisAD) is on vacation for a couple of weeks, I will attempt to answer your questions. He may, however, correct me and/or expand on my comments when he returns!

Nicolas Ocquidant wrote:
> - Do you intend to use RMI/IIOP instead of pure RMI?

I do not know of any plans to use RMI over IIOP, nor do I know of any advantages at this point.

> - Lots of code
> portions are deprecated when I compile them with jdk1.4. This is not
> a major problem,

We are still trying to make VisAD usable with earlier versions of Java, so these are inevitable.

> but I was wondering if the code is still active
> because the dates from sourceforge site are: october 2000.

Yes, development is still on-going, although these days more with applications using VisAD. I don't know when the sourceforge code gets updated, but the latest release is always available from the homepage->How To Get VisAD (this page is also redirected off The direct homepage URL is

> - Do you
> give up the idea to use JavaBeans for visAD as it was mentioned
> in the article: "VisAD: connecting people to computations and people
> to people"? This sounds very promising to me...

You will find many of the classes in VisAD have setters/getters for properties, some bound properties, and many serializaable objects. I will leave it to others to comment further.

> - Is there a way to
> see futur plans for visAD?

Perhaps the best source, apart from the homepage, is this list...

My answer, because my focus is on Jython-VisAD now, is that the Jython side 'library' will continue to grow as the needs of our scientists are addressed. At present, that points to easier interfaces for combining data from netcdf files. The Jython connection not only makes it far quicker to test ideas, since most of the runtime work is usually done with VisAD routines, there is seldom and performance penalty.

> - Where could I find some examples with (complex) gridding?

I'm not sure what 'complex gridding' is?

> optional question:
> - what other good products could I use...... I've found VTK which
> looks very complete.

I don't know of any...


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