Re: how to fill in pixels

Hi Lak,

> This coordinate system is perfect for my needs -- I have
> to resample my radial data (Australian radar do equal-degree
> azimuth sampling, U.S. weather radar don't), but that is easily
> done.

It was perfect for our needs also.  We asked Bill to write it on
one of his visits to Melbourne.  We have had that work on the back
burner until recently when we started work on our new Radar Module
which will be integrated with the rest of our next generation software.
   We have only done three iterations so far (ie: six weeks work),
however real time data loading and animation are working which gives
us the start of a usable program.
   A screenshot is here:

> Bureau of Meteorology folks, if you are reading this,
> thanks!

We are interested in comparing notes on radar software in visad
should you continue down this path.  We are using visad for our
in memory data model and visualisation system for AIFS2 (AIFS
is our version of AWIPS).


  Andrew Donaldson
  Email:   A.Donaldson@xxxxxxxxxx                Bureau of Meteorology
  Phone:   +61 3 9669 4537            P.O. Box. 1289K/150 Lonsdale St,
  Fax:     +61 3 9669 4128                       Melbourne, Australia.

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