Re: how to fill in pixels


Thanks for your reply. I was not too clear on the
manifold dimension vs. domain dimension,
but I went back and read the Developer's guide
and now it all makes sense.  Using manifold dimension
of 2 in the Gridded3D constructor fixes the problem.

Also, I am not clear on how this solution works:

> If you want the elevation to be part of your data, use the
> MathType:
>   (elevation, ((radial,gate)->(x,y,z,gatevalue)))
> This is a Tuple combining a Real elevation with your
> original FlatField. Then include ScalarMaps
> radial->Longitude, gate->Radius and elevation->Latitude.

Is there something that you can point me to
that explains this? Specifically, I don't understand why
gate is radius and elevation is latitude other than
that the units and ranges match ... 
Ideally, I would like to use this solution, because then
I don't really have to compute x,y and z ...

Also, since these are not really longitude and latitude,
will I be able to overlay another cone (at
a different location on the earth) and still have things
work correctly?  The x,y,z solution works, because
my x,y,z is in a co-ordinate system with the center
of the earth as origin (not the apex of the cone).

> But use a Gridded3DSet with manfold dimension = 2.
>   new Gridded3DSet( domainTuple, xyz, num_radials, num_gates )

this works, and I even understand why :)
However, I still don't know how to turn off interpolation

thanks again.

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