Re: how to fill in pixels

> It is a simplifying hack to directly map radar coordinates
> to display spherical coordinates. Hence VisAD includes the
> visad/bom/ class, which defines
> the relation of a local radar spherical coordinate system
> to the earth's spherical coordinate system. 

This coordinate system is perfect for my needs -- I have
to resample my radial data (Australian radar do equal-degree
azimuth sampling, U.S. weather radar don't), but that is easily

Bureau of Meteorology folks, if you are reading this,

> > However, I still don't know how to turn off interpolation
> > (i.e. do NEAREST_NEIGHBOR).
> Unless you have called GraphicsModeControl.setTextureEnable(false),
> any FlatField with manifold dimension = 2 should be displayed
> using texture mapping, which should display radar pixels as
> blocks rather than interpolating colors. Perhaps send us the
> URL of an image that shows this problem.

I explicitly turned the texture enabling to true ...
I have put two images on this site, one generated using visad,
and the other using a C++ OpenGL display that illustrates the

thanks for all your help.

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