Newbie using VisAd for Seismic attribute calculation and visualis ation


I'm a newbie to this list and although I've been lurking for
a week to get a feel for the expected behaviour but please
excuse me when I inevitably get the etiquette wrong.

I've included below a short biography and description of what
I'm doing and why. Please get in touch through the list or
direct email if you would like to share

Andrew Wilson

I'm a Scottish mathematician still striving to develop an
educated palate for whisky. After graduating from Edinburgh
University I was narrowly rescued from a career in
accountancy by a research scholarship from the Shell oil
company. I got hooked on the research and technology that
goes into oil and gas exploration and never looked back.

Now I'm in my mid-thirties and working at the head office of
BG Group, a medium-sized multinational energy company that
grew out of the old British Gas. My work is a nice mix of
operational technical work and applied research and
technology evaluation.

As part of this R&TD I need to revive and extend some old
seismic processing algorithms. I'll need to read in a 3D cube
of seismic data. Think 3D medical imaging data but
geospatially reference and covering up to a 1,000 square
kilometres at a time. Because of the data sizes I'll probably
start with just a basemap and a facility to display vertical
and horizontal sections.

My second son was born last week (Mother and baby doing fine,
thanks) so I'm hoping that by working with the VisAd software
and community I can get this work done and still spend a
little time at home.

BG Energy Holdings Limited (a member of BG Group)
Registered in England No: 3763515
Registered Address:
                        100 Thames Valley Park Drive
                        Berkshire   RG6 1PT   UK
Telephone:              +44 (0) 118 935 3222

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