Re: Newbie using VisAd for Seismic attribute calculation and visualisation


> As part of this R&TD I need to revive and extend some old
> seismic processing algorithms. I'll need to read in a 3D cube
> of seismic data. Think 3D medical imaging data but
> geospatially reference and covering up to a 1,000 square
> kilometres at a time. Because of the data sizes I'll probably
> start with just a basemap and a facility to display vertical
> and horizontal sections.

In VisAD-speak, this, the cube, is a Linear3DSet. There are other
"cubes" with different sampling, but the linear 3D set will probably do
the trick. Check out:


> My second son was born last week (Mother and baby doing fine,
> thanks) so I'm hoping that by working with the VisAd software
> and community I can get this work done and still spend a
> little time at home.

...if you have some time between nappy changes...

As Bill said, Jython might save you some time:



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