Re: Newbie using VisAd for Seismic attribute calculation and visualis ation

Hi Andrew,

> As part of this R&TD I need to revive and extend some old
> seismic processing algorithms. I'll need to read in a 3D cube
> of seismic data. Think 3D medical imaging data but
> geospatially reference and covering up to a 1,000 square
> kilometres at a time. Because of the data sizes I'll probably
> start with just a basemap and a facility to display vertical
> and horizontal sections.

Start with Ugo's great VisAD tutorial, linked from the VisAD
home page. Also check Tom's VisAD Python tutorial for programming
VisAD from Python. You can also search Unidata's archive of this
mailing list, perhaps for "base map".

> My second son was born last week (Mother and baby doing fine,
> thanks) so I'm hoping that by working with the VisAd software
> and community I can get this work done and still spend a
> little time at home.

Congrats. Programming in Python may give you more time to
spend with your new son.


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