Color problems with Solaris

Hi all,

Our Group is developing a Swing application with a DisplayImplJ3D
centered. We develop this app for another group on windows and linux
systems. Some days ago they tested our app on a solaris system and
recognized a strange behaviour:

If the mouse pointer is over the DisplayImpl the colors of the
DisplayImpl are ok but the colors of the gui seem to be inverted. Vice
versa if the pointer is over the gui the colors of the gui are ok and
the colors of the DisplayImpl seem to be inverted.

They mentioned they use a really old graphics card on their solaris
system which is able to display only a few thousand colors. I guess they
use an old 16bit or even worse. Could that be the problem? Does anybody
recognize this behaviour, too?

Thanks for any hint, Mathias

Mathias Stümpert

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