Re: Color problems with Solaris

> If the mouse pointer is over the DisplayImpl the colors of the
> DisplayImpl are ok but the colors of the gui seem to be inverted. Vice
> versa if the pointer is over the gui the colors of the gui are ok and
> the colors of the DisplayImpl seem to be inverted.

That reminds me somehow to the first time I tried to install Java3D on a
Solaris System almost 3 years ago, so it must have been Java3D 1.1.?. I
recognized such an effect on an old workstation,
which is no longer in service today. Sorry, I don't have any informations
about the graphic card. 


> They mentioned they use a really old graphics card on their solaris
> system which is able to display only a few thousand colors. I guess they
> use an old 16bit or even worse. Could that be the problem? Does anybody
> recognize this behaviour, too?
> Thanks for any hint, Mathias
> --------------------------------------------------
> Mathias Stümpert
> mathias@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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