Re: Color problems with Solaris

Hi Mathias,

> Our Group is developing a Swing application with a DisplayImplJ3D
> centered. We develop this app for another group on windows and linux
> systems. Some days ago they tested our app on a solaris system and
> recognized a strange behaviour:
> If the mouse pointer is over the DisplayImpl the colors of the
> DisplayImpl are ok but the colors of the gui seem to be inverted. Vice
> versa if the pointer is over the gui the colors of the gui are ok and
> the colors of the DisplayImpl seem to be inverted.
> They mentioned they use a really old graphics card on their solaris
> system which is able to display only a few thousand colors. I guess they
> use an old 16bit or even worse. Could that be the problem? Does anybody
> recognize this behaviour, too?

This behavior used to much more common and is now only
seen on older system with limited numbers of colors. Each
X Window has its own software color lookup table, which is
loaded into the hardware color lookup table when that
window has the focus. Sorry, there isn't much you can do
about it except buy new hardware.

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