20010118: Java 3D on Red Hat Linux 7.0

>From: Robert S Laramee <rlaramee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Keywords: 200101190123.f0J1NNe13772

Hi Robert-

>I am trying to run Java3D, including VisAD on Red Hat Linux 7.0.  I'm
>running into a problem when i close the applications.  When I close a
>Java3d demo application and my own VisAD application with the 'X' widget
>in the top, right-hand corner of the window frame, The Red Hat Window
>managers -KDE or GNOME shut down and kick me off so that I have to log
>onto my machine again.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Haven't had that problem.  I'm running RH 6.2 though.

>I've tried Java3d 1.1.3 and Java3d 1.2 and it seems to be happening with
>both of them.  The regular Java demos work fine, as expected i.e. the demo
>programs that come with jdk 1.3 (Notpad.jar for example).  Also, the Mesa
>3.4 demos close without a problem -although i could only get the 'bounce'
>demo working.

What about the Java 3D demos (GearTest, etc)?

>I'm also having a problem with my colors for both the Java3d and Mesa
>demos.  As soon as I click on one of the demo application windows all the
>colors on my desktop change.  They turn dark, and then back to normal when
>I click on any other window.  I wonder if these problems are related.
>I sometime, inconsistently, get an error message that is something like:
>'Cannot find color map entry for default background.'

This sounds like you are running in 8-bit mode and you are having
a problem with colormaps.  If this is the case, try running in a 
higher bit mode (> 256 colors).  On RH Linux, the desktop widgets
really suck up colors.

>I wasn't having any of these problems on my old machine.  Any ideas are

Was that RH Linux also?

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