Contouring and Flow vector access

Hello, everyone,

I need to use VisAD to generate contours and flow maps of a dataset, and then import those contours into a GIS application. To do this, it would be extremely convenient to be able to get the list of vector points describing the contours. My other alternative is to create a display, plot the contours, extract a bitmap, set the bitmap background to something transparent, and import the result into my GIS application. This seems awkward at best.

Looking at the javadoc, I didn't see any obvious accessors. Looking at the source code, I found a static method contour( long parameter list ) in which ignores all the type safety restrictions of the VisAD data model, but which otherwise appears to give me what I need. Still, I can't help but think that there must be a better way, especially since this doesn't extend to flows anyway.

I'm perfectly happy to extend the source code myself, if the necessary accessors don't exist, but I sure would appreciate any pointers anyone can give me as to where/how contours and flows are calculated for a display. greps for contour and flow in the source tree didn't flash any obvious neon signs.


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