Tutorial update

Hello everyone,

The tutorial has been updated. You'll find it at the same old place:


and also packed in a jar and accessible through VisAD's home page.

There's a brand new section 5, dealing with animation in VisAD. Some
users might by interested to know that the section talks about the VisAD
DateTime class, which helps formatting and converting a Java Date into a
Java double for use in VisAD.

There's also a short example in section 4, regarding display layout
(color, axes, box on/off, etc...).

For the absolute beginners there's a new section 1.2: "Designing a
typical VisAD application".

Thanks to Tom Whittaker, for helping putting section 5 (and the previous
ones, too) in place.

Feedback can be sent direct to me


Have fun!


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