20000928: RealType.Time, and an exception

>From: Paul Gifford <pgg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization: NOAA/NGDC
>Keywords: 200009282036.e8SKaWb19794

Hi Paul-

>  This was a long e-mail...then a 2nd look made me boil it down.  Be
>thankful :)
>1. What Unit is RealType.Time?

 CommonUnit.secondsSinceTheEpoch (seconds since Jan 1, 1970, 00:00:00).

>2. Related to #1...I'm getting the exception below.  I get the gist of
>it but can someone explain the "why" behind it?
>visad.BadMappingException: Display.addMap: two ScalarMaps with the same
>RealType & DisplayRealType

I'd say you are adding the same ScalarMap twice.  VisAD needs to be able
to distinguish between the two.

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