Re: 20000928: RealType.Time, and an exception

  • Subject: Re: 20000928: RealType.Time, and an exception
  • From: Paul Gifford <pgg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:16:41 -0600
Thanks Don (and Stuart).  I have followup questions:

Don Murray wrote:

> >1. What Unit is RealType.Time?
>  CommonUnit.secondsSinceTheEpoch (seconds since Jan 1, 1970, 00:00:00).

  If I use RealType.Time for my domain, the axis labels are in
human-readable form.  If I make my own RealType using the above unit, I
get axis labels displayed in seconds (I presume).  Why is that?  I
looked at the source (should have done that before I asked my question)
and see RealType.Time uses a constructor that I can't use.  Would that
be why?

> >2. Related to #1...I'm getting the exception below.  I get the gist of
> >it but can someone explain the "why" behind it?
> >
> >visad.BadMappingException: Display.addMap: two ScalarMaps with the same
> >RealType & DisplayRealType
> I'd say you are adding the same ScalarMap twice.  VisAD needs to be able
> to distinguish between the two.

  What makes 2 ScalarMaps the same?  The ScalarMap I make is local to
the method, though the method is called twice (once for initial plot,
once to replot with additional data).

  When is "VisAD for Dummies" due to be published?  I'll be first in
line :)



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