20000818: lefthand mouse

>From: Crystal Shaw <shaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Keywords: 200008182033.e7IKXJN29530


>Maybe this is common knowledge, want to save time of other left-handed 
>people out there...
>I finally figureed out why "My first VisAD application" didn't work on the
>sgi NT box. Setting the mouse to be left-handed, pressing down 2nd & 3rd
>(left-handed order) buttons is equivalent to the left mouse button for right-h
> anded
>mouse. The "middle" button is actually the first(rightmost) button.

I'm confused by your last sentence though.  On my left-handed mouse,
the rightmost button is the same as the leftmost button on a right-handed

In VisAD, pressing any two buttons simultaneously on a three-button
mouse is the same as pressing the non-depressed button. The designation
LEFT, RIGHT and MIDDLE mouse buttons in VisAD is probably a bad choice
since it really is only true for a right-handed mouse (or a left-handed
mouse set up backward). A better nomenclature is MOUSE_BUTTON_1,
MOUSE_BUTTON_2 and MOUSE_BUTTON_3. Someday, I may implement these
constants (since I implemented the LEFT_PRESSED, etc events). For now,
perhaps the documentation and tutorial should make this distinction.

For those who haven't yet found this out, on a mouse with a roller
in the center, the roller is not good for MB2 (cursor doesn't move
under Windoze NT and 2000), so I use the MB1 & MB3 combo.  This
feature (2 simulate the other) is also handy on laptops which don't
have a middle mouse button.

What would really be nice would be a way for the user to configure
what action is performed by a particular MOUSE_BUTTON and key 
combination.  That way, if I wanted to define translate in 3D to
be MB1 (instead of rotate) to be consistent with the 2D view,
I could.  I've been looking at visad.MouseHelper a lot lately
(for other reasons) and think this may be possible, but I don't
have time to work on it and it's not that high a priority for me.

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