Re: [thredds] nco as a web service

On Jul 2, 2012, at 8:17 AM, Doug Lindholm wrote:

> Hi,
> If people are interested in reviving the OPeNDAP server-side functions 
> working group, I'd help out. If nothing else, could we revive that mailing 
> list instead of perpetuating this "nco" thread on the thredds list?
> In addition to the KISS principle, I'm also a big fan of standards. OPeNDAP 
> (with DAP2) has already cracked that nut, so that is where I would prefer to 
> start. I think there is a lot of low hanging fruit (the first 20% of the 80%) 
> that would be trivial for service providers to implement once we have a 
> standard syntax. I believe in an evolutionary design approach based on use 
> cases. That approach may lead to less stable APIs in the beginning, but it 
> tends to be much more fruitful and usable than "big design up front". It 
> sounds like many of us already have an API that "works", and plenty of use 
> cases, so I think we could make a lot of progress evolving some common APIs.
> Doug

All good ideas.


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