current THREDDS Datasets


The THREDDS project is at point where the current activities are being
published so colaborators can use and learn from the activities that has
been already accomplished. It can also server as a focal point for
end-users to be able to find/obtain/use the THREDDS datasets. The
activities are divided into following catagories:

-Catalogs collections
-THREDDS catalog servers
-Catalog directories and Digital Libraries
-Client software using THREDDS catalogs
-THREDDS Tools/Examples

An effort is being made to include all the work known. If some work is not
included, please let us know so the page can be updated.

Located at:

Robb Kambic                                Unidata Program Center
Software Engineer III                      Univ. Corp for Atmospheric Research
rkambic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                   WWW:

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