Re: latest Catalog XML

Benno Blumenthal wrote:
> This does not quite work for me, unless you allow a catalog to
> contain exactly one collection or exactly one dataset. Right
> now the only thredds thing that can be pointed to is a catalog,
> with the added provision that a catalog with one collection is
> effectively that collection -- I would like to point to datasets
> with thredds, which requires either that a catalog can point to
> a dataset or a collection, or that you extend collection to be
> isomorphic to dataset.   The catalog modification would be
> preferable.

Currently dataset aliasing is confined to the current document. What do people
think of extending dataset aliasing to reference datasets external to the
current document. It means a bit higher maintenance risk as far as broken links
but not much more than the catalogRef already implies. Would that work for you


> > 6) access element can specify an absolute URL with a serverType -or- a
> > reletive URL with a serverID.
> >
> If you are going to have a base element in service, it is only fair that you
> have a suffix element, too.  Please leave the suffix element in.

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