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Seems like it is straightforward to allow specifying a dataset in another catalog - akin to HTML targets.

Having gotten burned, I will go look at my XML book before I suggest using XPointers for this. But philosophically, that's what I'm envisioning. That way if there is a known, stable catalog URL you can use that as your "base" catalog and point to the datasets in it from other temporary or dynamic catalogs..

- Joe

Ethan Davis wrote:

Benno Blumenthal wrote:

This does not quite work for me, unless you allow a catalog to
contain exactly one collection or exactly one dataset. Right
now the only thredds thing that can be pointed to is a catalog,
with the added provision that a catalog with one collection is
effectively that collection -- I would like to point to datasets
with thredds, which requires either that a catalog can point to
a dataset or a collection, or that you extend collection to be
isomorphic to dataset.   The catalog modification would be

Currently dataset aliasing is confined to the current document. What do people
think of extending dataset aliasing to reference datasets external to the
current document. It means a bit higher maintenance risk as far as broken links
but not much more than the catalogRef already implies. Would that work for you


6) access element can specify an absolute URL with a serverType -or- a
reletive URL with a serverID.

If you are going to have a base element in service, it is only fair that you
have a suffix element, too.  Please leave the suffix element in.

Joe Wielgosz
joew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx / (707)826-2631
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
Institute for Global Environment and Society (IGES)

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