Re: make install on beta 4

Warren Turkal <wt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Thursday 14 December 2006 05:50, Ed Hartnett wrote:
>> For example, do you think netcdf should install it's docs in html,
>> info, ps, pdf, or all?
> PS and PDF are somewhat redundant. I think PDF only is probably the best 
> option since PDFs are usually smaller and more easily read on non-*nix 
> systems. Man and info should definitely be installed. It would probably be 
> possible to generate all of these things from Docbook XML if you were 
> interested. I might even be able to help make that happen.

Well I just install of of them. Heck with it.

Currently everything is generated from .texi files, which works well
for us. It is a format which has been used here for the last 15 years
at least. Recently I did a little analysis (including looking at
docbook) and decided that texinfo meets our needs well.

(It works well as ASCII editing, you see, which is still the most
common way our programmers interact with our source. To put it another
way, it takes a hell of a XML GUI to be better than dealing with .texi
files in emacs!)

But thanks for your offer.

>> By default, should documentation be or not be installed? (Currently it
>> is not installed unless --enable-docs-install is used, but I think
>> that might be incorrect. Surely it would be better to install it by
>> default.)
> Actually, the option is --enable-docs in beta4.

Sorry, I changed in in beta5. Now docs are installed by default, but
you can say --disable-docs-install to stop it.

> Install it by default. It's <7MB. If you have a problem using 7MB for docs, 
> you probably aren't using netcdf.

Right! ;-)

>> Any comments would be most appreciated.
> You asked. :-)


Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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