Re: make install on beta 4

On Thursday 14 December 2006 05:50, Ed Hartnett wrote:
> For example, do you think netcdf should install it's docs in html,
> info, ps, pdf, or all?

PS and PDF are somewhat redundant. I think PDF only is probably the best 
option since PDFs are usually smaller and more easily read on non-*nix 
systems. Man and info should definitely be installed. It would probably be 
possible to generate all of these things from Docbook XML if you were 
interested. I might even be able to help make that happen.

> By default, should documentation be or not be installed? (Currently it
> is not installed unless --enable-docs-install is used, but I think
> that might be incorrect. Surely it would be better to install it by
> default.)

Actually, the option is --enable-docs in beta4.

Install it by default. It's <7MB. If you have a problem using 7MB for docs, 
you probably aren't using netcdf.

> Any comments would be most appreciated.

You asked. :-)

> In answer to your question, you may use the --docdir=/some/place
> option of configure to get netCDF to install documentation in
> /some/place.

This sounds good.

> For example the following configure script works for me (on the CVS
> tip, but should work with beta4 too):
> ./configure --enable-docs-install --prefix=`pwd`/install
> --docdir=/home/ed/tmp && make check install

Beta4 doesn't have docdir documented in ./configure --help. I don't actually 
regenerate the configure script, so it is as shipped from the netcdf tarball.


> This is all part of the usual configure script option, so this should
> work on almost any package which has a configure script, not just
> netCDF.

Not on beta4.


>      --docdir=DIR           documentation root [DATAROOTDIR/doc/netcdf]

This option is not in beta4. This is a good default for it, however. Maybe 
it's time to cut beta5 so that this is included?


> Please let me know if this doesn't help, or if you need more
> information.

Here are some other comments about the package:
1) I don't think that the examples should be build by default.
2) Please name the beta tarballs according to their release (i.e. 
netcdf-3.6.2~beta4.tar.gz instead of netcdf-beta.tar.gz). It would make 
finding new versions with a script easier since I could just compare version 
numbers. BTW, the version syntax used up there is like Debian packages. The ~ 
makes the version sort before 3.6.2.

I am just hoping you will be releasing the real 3.6.2 real soon.

Warren Turkal

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