Re: netcdf 3.6.2 alpha 1 release now on netCDF FTP site...

On 2006-05-10 11:29, Ed Hartnett said:

>No, you don't need a fortran compiler. I see that I phrased that
>message badly. I meant that it is required for the configure script to
>check for a fortran compiler, even if you don't want to use it. I have
>modified that so the next release will be more clear.
>Could you send me the output of your configure which has this problem?
>Then try again (do a "make distclean" first), and set the FC
>environment variable to nothing, or else provide the --disable-f77
>option to configure.
>This works for me in shell:
>make distclean && FC= ./configure && make check\
>Or else like this:
>make distclean && ./configure --disable-f77 && make check

--disable-f77 made all the difference.  It builds successfully now, both
as shared and static libraries.  I also tested the static lib version in
our app and it continues to work.


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