netcdf 3.6.2 alpha 1 release now on netCDF FTP site...

Howdy NetCDF Fans!

Here in the vast underground chambers beneath UCAR Towers, hundreds of
Unidata programmers are working constantly on new netCDF releases. 

I have just put a 3.6.2 alpha release on the netCDF FTP site:


The reason this is an alpha release is that we are testing out a new
build system, based on Automake and Libtool. The code in this release
is the same code that was released in 3.6.1 (with some bug fixes). The
configure/build system is completely new.

This release will build shared libraries by default, use the
--disable-shared option to configure if you don't want shared

Shared libraries impose some additional burdens on the
user. Specifically, you must decide where you want the netCDF library
before you build it, and specify it in the --prefix argument to

Also the linker/loader will need to be able to find the netCDF library
when it tries to run a user program which has been linked to
netCDF. For this to work the library must be installed in one of the
known directories for shared libraries, or the LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be
set. See the man page for for more information.

Also this release should support cross-compilation. 

Finally, this release supports the new release of gfortran (with the
4.1.x release of gcc).

If you have wanted shared libraries, or cross compilation, or you
couldn't get 3.6.1 to compile with gfortran 4.1, then please try out
this alpha release and let me know whether or not it works for you.



Ed Hartnett  -- edh@xxxxxxxx

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