Re: [netcdf-java] setting proxy...

HTTPSession is some relatively new code
(starting in 4.2) to hide the
apache httpclient library. Our goal is
to eventually move to apache httpclient 4
with minimal disruption.
I should have asked earlier:
what version of netcdf-java are you using?

=Dennis Heimbigner

Brian Schlining wrote:
Hi Dennis,

Thanks for responding.
I provided a fix that will go into
a minor release of 4.2; should be available

Basically there will be two procedures
1. HTTPSession.setGlobalSimpleProxy(String host, int port)
2. HTTPSession.setSimpleProxy(String host, int port)

The remaining issue is how to get the HTTPSession instance.
Do you normally use the HttpClientManager class to set up

No, I've never used that class. If you can provide a static method on the 
HttpClientManger to fetch the current and global sessions, that would work.

p.s. Is 4.3 moving to HttpComponents instead of HttpClient

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