Re: [netcdf-java] setting proxy...

I provided a fix that will go into
a minor release of 4.2; should be available

Basically there will be two procedures
1. HTTPSession.setGlobalSimpleProxy(String host, int port)
   This is a static method that sets the proxy for all
2. HTTPSession.setSimpleProxy(String host, int port)
   This is an instance method that sets the proxy for a
   given connection.
The remaining issue is how to get the HTTPSession instance.
Do you normally use the HttpClientManager class to set up

=Dennis Heimbigner

Brian Schlining wrote:
Hi Dennis,
Place the following on the command line

Thanks for the response but that solution won't work for my needs. I need a programmatic way to set the network proxy used by NetCDF-Java; I also need to be able to change proxy settings while an application is running. Both Apache's HttpClient and HttpComponent (which are supposedly used by NetCDF-Java) support the setting of a proxy; and the NetCDF-Java library used to expose the underlying HttpClient so that it was simple to change the proxy setting. I'm just looking for the hook in the NetCDF API that lets me specify or modify the HttpClient.
If there's no hook or method can someone point me at the source code where the 
relevant Apache HTTP stuff is configured and I'll hack in a solution.
p.s. Also, can someone confirm which HTTP library NetCDF java is using. The docs say you're switching to HttpComponents but there's still a dependency to HttpClient-3.1 in the source code.


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