Re: How to associate attributes with fields in netCDF-4 compound types?

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On Oct 31, 2006, at 5:46 AM, Ed Hartnett wrote:

Simon Wood <simon.wood@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi NetCDF-4 folks,

We're been thinking about using compound types in some of our new
datasets and have been puzzling over how to add attributes to compound

We expected to be able to specify attributes on a per *field* basis
but I get the definite impression this is not actually going to be
possible...  attributes can be global, per group, per variable but it
seems thats it.  Is this so?

Has anybody else been thinking about metadata for compound types? How
is metadata expected to be represented for individual fields?  Surely
something as basic the ability to specify different units for each
field has been considered?  Or have we got this whole compound types
idea wrong?

Any thoughts most gratefully received.


Simon Wood

We've also considered adding attributes on compound datatype fields a few times, but haven't had a serious interest from a funding source to get it done right. We'd be happy to talk with people about the design issues involved...

        Quincey Koziol

We have considered adding specific support for units attributes for
compound types.

However, this would expand the interface quite a bit.

We have also considered that one could create an attribute of compound
type, in which each element was a unit for an element of the data
compound type.


Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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