Re: How to associate attributes with fields in netCDF-4 compound types?

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Hi Simon,

You asked:
> Has anybody else been thinking about metadata for compound types?
> How is metadata expected to be represented for individual fields?

and Ed Hartnett wrote:
> We have also considered that one could create an attribute of compound
> type, in which each element was a unit for an element of the data
> compound type.

Just to expand on this a bit, I think this is an adequate way to
provide attributes to members of a compound type, because attributes
in netCDF-4 can be of user-defined types, not just of primitive types.
As an example, consider a user-defined compound type "obs_type" and a
1D variable "obs_var" of that type:

   compound obs_type {     // a user-defined compound type
     int station_id;
     double time;
     float temperature;
     float pressure;
     obs_type obs_var(n);  // a 1D variable of type obs_type

To assign units to all the members of the obs_var variable (and any
other variables of that type), just define a related type named
"obs_atts", for example, and declare a variable attribute "units"
of that type for the obs_var variable:

   compound obs_atts {  // a user-defined compound type
     string station_id;
     string time;
     string temperature;
     string pressure;
     obs_atts obs_var:units = { // a units attribute of type obs_atts
        time = "hours since 2000-01-01 00:00";
        temperature = "degreesC";
        pressure = "hPa";

Notice that since the station_id member of the obs_type has no units,
we do not include a station_id member in the associated obs_var:units
attribute.  Strictly speaking, there's no need to even use the same
order for the members in the obs_atts type, since an association can
be made by using the same member names.

Also if you wanted to associate a "standard_name" attribute string
with each member of the obs_type, you would need to define another
variable attribute named "standard_name" for the obs_var variable, but
you wouldn't need another type:

     obs_atts obs_var:standard_name = { // another attribute of type obs_atts
        temperature = "air_temperature";
        pressure = "air_pressure";

There is a convention implicit in the above, that identity of member
names between attribute compound types and variable compound types can
be used to associate attributes with members of compound types, but I
think this convention is natural and easy to understand.



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program

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