Re: [ldm-users] NEXRAD3 Again ... part III

On Tue, 2 Aug 2011, Rodrigo de Souza Barreto Mathias wrote:

Good morning!

I've been having a problem with reception of satellite and model data. I don't 
know what is happening, but we stoped receiving these data yesterday. But 
observational data, like SHIP, METAR and SYNOP, are normal. Everything seems 
normal. I don't know if it is a local problem or a problem on idd data flux. 
Does anybody have an idea? Did anybody have the same problem last 12 hours?

Hello Rodrigo,

I saw a period of no model data, but only for second, not all day. I am geting everything here, and my satellite receiver notes no
unusual problems:

Yes, there are some fluctuations, but the range is fairly small; the small spacing on the carrier to noise ratio chart exaggerates the look of how much the signal has changed so far today.

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