Re: [ldm-users] 20080216: Nexrad Level 3 (cont.)

sasquatch has failover feeds that do not depend on bigbird.

I'm seeing periodic failures to NIU, though, that are bothersome.

I'll restart bigbird; let's see if that helps.


Jeffrey Lake - Admin wrote:
"- are you seeing any disconnection/reconnection messages in your
  ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file"

No, But Im seeing what Tyler is seeing a lot of flip flop between weather2 and bigbird, it seems to be happening at the top of the hour, some of my users are reporting since around 13z most if not all the sites just stop updating, then about 5 after I get slammed with all the missed data, looking back in the logs I see this .. from about 10 to the top of the hour to about 5 after there is very little L3 data incoming, then its like the flood gates open and all the L3 data is incoming

"- I see that you are redundantly feeding NNEXRAD from three machines:"

Gerry had me set up both bigbird and sasquatch, at one time bigbird was allowing me then it would deny me
so he had me set up both

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