[ldm-users] 20080216: Nexrad Level 3 (cont.)


>It is happening right now as of 21:01z
>Tyler your status page and my status page has the same exact locales

As soon as I saw your note (21:05Z), I ran a notifyme on one of our
machines here at the UPC.  Everything looked OK meaning that NNEXRAD
latencies were on the order of 0.05 seconds.  I then ran a notifyme to
your machine, level3.michiganwxsystem.net, and saw more-or-less the
same pattern of NNEXRAD ingest with idicated latencies being on the
order of 3 seconds (but part of that latency might be related to your
clock being off a bit).

Question and comment:

- are you seeing any disconnection/reconnection messages in your
  ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file

- I see that you are redundantly feeding NNEXRAD from three machines:


  Since sasquatch.tamu.edu feeds from bigbird, having sasquatch
  as an active failover is not buying you anything.


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