Re: [ldm-users] down...and looking for ideas.

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Gerry Creager wrote:

Look at for "what's CentOS?" It's RedHat Enterprise with the serial numbers scratched off. Tends to be stable for up to 2 years before a new release. Which also means it can get stale sometimes. Security fixes are put out as needed, but radical changes are held down.

Which is both good and bad. What if a package I use isn't available?
I need things like Icecast, Darkice to stream web audio. I can't just run GEMPAK, and everything just works(tm) with Redhat, until it crashes. :-)

Build your system out with 2 physical drives and allow OS to build on one (usually the smaller) and keep important data on the other one. Tell the installer to only put Linux on the smaller drive. After you've built the system modify /etc/fstab for appropriate mount points.


I was just told that the OS has problems with that hard drive at 3 GB/sec and that I should jumper it down to 1.5 GB/sec. Hmmm...

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