Re: [ldm-users] down...and looking for ideas.

Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Chris Gidley wrote:

I've heard multiple simillar problems from people with newer processors and the solution for them was to use the text install, rather than graphical. You may want to try that. The graphical install and upgrading from Fedora 6 were the two major problems for fedora 7 not working that I could find. Couldn't hurt; hope it works for you, I know how troubling kernel problems can be.

I've heard that, too, which is interesting because it just installs the same packages. I don't see how it could be really any different...


I know I am bleeding edge here, but RedHat has a strong support team and a bunch of volunteers fixing problems. One of the best things about it is that you get a lot more functionality with the newer software.

When I get my new hard drive in for my new weather2, I'll install it in text mode, and see what happens. If that works, I'll reinstall the software on weather. At the moment, two out of three fully functional machines I can live with. the funny thing is, when it crashed this morning, it did so just before 12Z...I think that's a pretty low data period.

Also, I wipe the hard drive clean for every install...I never upgrade anymore. There were way too many problems when I did that several years ago.

Who makes CentOS? The problem is, I have a bunch of stuff in my /home directories and email that I'd really like to keep...

Look at for "what's CentOS?" It's RedHat Enterprise with the serial numbers scratched off. Tends to be stable for up to 2 years before a new release. Which also means it can get stale sometimes. Security fixes are put out as needed, but radical changes are held down.

Build your system out with 2 physical drives and allow OS to build on one (usually the smaller) and keep important data on the other one. Tell the installer to only put Linux on the smaller drive. After you've built the system modify /etc/fstab for appropriate mount points.

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