Re: [ldm-users] down...and looking for ideas.

I've heard multiple simillar problems from people with newer processors and the solution for them was to use the text install, rather than graphical. You may want to try that. The graphical install and upgrading from Fedora 6 were the two major problems for fedora 7 not working that I could find. Couldn't hurt; hope it works for you, I know how troubling kernel problems can be.


Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
Hey Chris,

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Chris Gidley wrote:

Hey Gilbert,

Can you give any more info on how you installed Fedora? For example, are you running the install off media (CD) or alternate means? What installation type are you using? I'm assuming since it's a new machine, you directly installed Fedora 7, as opposed to upgrading from any previous versions, correct? etc.

Yep, I wiped the hard drive clean, and installed from DVD. Did a graphical install. Worked on my P4 machines with no problem.

I believe the problem is with how you installed Fedora 7, which is a common problem, as opposed to hardware related issues.


I used the same DVD to install F7 on the slower machines, and the same graphical interface.

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